Signage and lighting are our specialties and we’ve been mastering our techniques for decades. Most of our clients are incredibly well-known brands, showing countless years of customer loyalty to us. We value our customer’s dedication and, in return, provide the very best in customer care. All of our work is operated and executed by skilled professionals, delivering mastered signage and lighting solutions that will withstand time.

Your long-term satisfaction is something we hold in the highest regard and we thank you for considering American Neon Sign Company.

Our History

American Neon Sign Company began in 1946, when two brothers who shared the American dream decided to start a business together. Mack and Albert built the company on the foundation of good business practice, excellent workmanship, and personal customer relations.

With over 65 years experience, American Neon Sign Company Inc. is now run by Albert’s son Lawrence and still operates under the same foundations. The business has since expanded its services to encompass all kinds of lighting and signage, including LED lighting.