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As a premium signage and lighting company, American Neon Sign Company is proud to serve you with decades of industry experience and expert craftsmen. Since 1946 American Neon Sign Company has been providing signage to some of the most reputable businesses around. From some of the largest companies within the tri-state area, we have established a sense of reliability and trust in our product.

Whether you need repair work, service work, or brand new signage, American Neon Sign Company can help you out. We offer FREE estimates and competitive prices on our secure work, dedicating ourselves to your customer satisfaction.

Our Services

American Neon Sign Company provides a wide variety of lighting services. We also both install and repair LED lighting. As the premier lighting specialist, we understand the importance of keeping your signage well lit. We realize how important the lighting of your exterior building and parking lot is and also provide those services as well.

Have you been in search of a company that is honest and reliable to handle your LED light installation and repair? American Neon Sign Company is the company that you have been searching for, as we have been in business since 1946 and have worked with countless other reputable companies. Our satisfied clientele includes Walgreens, Old Navy, Macy’s, Houstons and many other well-known corporations.Proper lighting is essential to any business. We are the experts on using LED lighting to draw attention to your business and to create an inviting experience for your customers. Our LED lighting can change the look and feel of your business’ exterior and interior.Our fully qualified engineers will make sure that your LED lighting will be installed to look its best. American Neon Sign Company will also provide service and repair for your LED and will always be carried out promptly and effectively.
Did you realize that your business can look just as attractive and impressive as the tourist attractions in New York City and Las Vegas? If you have American Neon Sign Company install your neon lights your business can be just as eye catching as Time Square in Manhattan and Vegas Vic (the iconic giant neon cowboy) in Las Vegas.We can create whatever design you would like at whatever size you need. Contact American Neon Sign Company today so we can discuss what we can do to get your business the attention that it deserves.
While they don’t seem to get the attention that they deserve, parking lot lights are very important to your business. Parking lot lights draw attention to your business, which brings in more customers. The lighting also shows them clearly where there are available spots at night so they know that they can come to your business and easily park without any hassles.Making sure that you have a well-lit parking lot also ensures the safety of your customers. In addition, you receive benefits during the after business hours because the lighting will greatly decrease the likelihood of loitering, vandalism, and other crimes.
Our specialists will make sure that your commercial fluorescent bulbs are properly installed. Not only does this save you money, it also helps you to avoid fire risks.We will also check your ballasts to see if they possibly need to be replaced. They could be potentially on the verge of overheating and burning out.